I have a cleaner!

I know, not the sexiest title for a blog but hopefully the accompanying image more than makes up for it – and as much as I would like to claim that body as my own, that, I am afraid, is not me! (but I am a slave to time)

So this is not revolutionary or possibly even that interesting as a piece of information but let me explain why it is important to me and why I have written a blog about it (a brief one at that).

I’m a good Greek girl

I am a child of a Cypriot mother, we have immaculate houses (typically heavy with gold, marble and ornaments, LOTS of ornaments) which we meticulously clean, daily, in case anyone should come a calling. In fact it is not unheard of for us to cover our furnishings in plastic just to be sure they are in the best condition at all times, god forbid we should actually relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour.  (and please don’t think for a second I don’t love and respect my Greek heritage, I am forever grateful that I have grown up in a multi-cultural family, I am truly a better person for it and will do all I can to ensure my boys experience it too).

So, in part influenced by my heritage, because I am a woman of a generation who seem to think they have to do everything and because I am a bit of a ‘Monica’ (from friends) and actually like to clean, the thought of getting a cleaner, well, was a challenging one for me. I mean, will she even do it right?!

However, my ‘passion’ plan says I need to find more time for the things that really matter and it would seem getting elbow deep in a toilet every weekend is not one of them!

What price can you put on your time?

To pay for this liberation of my time I am forgoing my daily, overpriced, over caloried coffee (which actually ticks off another resolution – to get wired less).

So what is it I am expecting to gain as a result of the lovely Alison coming into my house for 2 hours every Friday?

A sparkly home fit for a visit from my mum (more particular than the queen!)
Time with the boys (to play in the park, do their homework, go places, have fun)
Time for myself (to blog, to study, to catch up with friends, to run)
The list goes on….

Am I asking too much from a cleaner? Possibly. What will I actually get?

A stressful Thursday evening getting the house ready for the cleaner
A sparkly house for all of about 20 minutes (I have 2 boys)
Headaches from the sudden caffeine withdrawal
And as spring is just around the corner and I gave it about an hour of my attention all of last year my Saturday morning cleaning ritual is likely to be replaced by a Saturday morning gardening fest

Am I being overly pessimistic? Will Alison be the answer to all my prayers? Well she starts Friday, so ask me on Monday!

Its not that we have little time, but more that we waste a good deal of it – Seneca

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